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IT Managed Services

Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses (“SMBs”) to
Global Enterprise Class Environments

IT/IT Security managed solutions allow you to focus on business growth while our Professionals manage, monitor and maintain your IT Infrastructure with the added benefit of professionally integrated security.

WithumCM Emergency Care

Instant IT Support

Instant IT Support from a U.S. based IT Specialist

Security Controls

Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses (“SMBs”) to
Global Enterprise Class Environments

Security control integration providing an effective protection framework that provides maximum return on your investment with a process to Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond.

Incident Response Investigatory Support ™


Our Incident Response teams provide a rapid, tactical, incident investigations support.



IT / IT Security Assessments

Choose from a variety of flexible and effective assessments that are scalable to the organization.

Computer & Mobile Data Recovery

Want to know what's deleted, hidden, &/or password-protected in a device?

Rapid Recovery of Computer & Mobile data. Optional Same Day Service & Results. Password protected mobile device? No problem!

[We can UNLOCK any password-protected Mobile device]

Withum CFI/e-Discovery®

Legal Support, Digital Forensics and e-Discovery Services

Withum CFI/e-Discovery® provides applied science and technologies for use in criminal, civil, regulatory, audits and fact-finding investigations. These services are strictly confidential and frequently legally privileged.

Ransomware & Malware Attacks

Victim of a Ransomware attacks? Connect now with an Withum trusted ransomware specialist and get emergency support and/or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)  as needed.

Notable Achievements

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Withum Products & Online Services



Identify & Unmask People, Stalkers, Cyber Bullies, Infidelity, Hackers, Sock Puppet Accounts, Internet Trolls, the devices they use and much more…

  • Social Media Accounts
  • Email addresses
  • Chat Rooms
  • Instant messages
  • SMS/TXT Messages
  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets
  • Computers, Servers, and much more…

*Sock Puppets Are Online Identities used for purposes of deception.

**An internet troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people by deliberately trying to disrupt, attack, offend or cause trouble by posting certain material such as comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content to sow discord.

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Withum e3™ Data Vaults™

Withum Self-Encrypted Drives – Professional, Stylish, & Highly Portable.
Credit Card Size Portable Storage Available (Easily Fits in Wallet).

  • Hardware Level AES-256+ Self-Encrypting Drives
  • Withum Track n’ Trace Technology™
  • Data Privacy Assurance
  • Withum Asset Recovery Program™
  • M.2, SATA6, USB 3/Type C Available
  • Blazing Fast Speeds
  • High Capacity Options Available
  • Withum Easy Wipe Technology™
  • No Backdoors

***PC, MAC, and Linux Compatible




Who We Are

Withum’s expertise is based both on the organizations where we have delivered services, and the backgrounds and experience levels of our principals. From former United States Special Agents to Regulatory & Compliance experts, Withum’s combined knowledge, experience and expertise makes us your one-stop shop.

Computer Forensic Experts

Our Computer Forensic Team is comprised of former Federal, State & Local Law Enforcement Officers & Professionals that have examined and testified for Civil & Criminal cases.

IT Services & IT Security

Our IT Professionals effectively design, manage and secure your IT Infrastructure while implementing the highest level of Security.

Global Incident Response

Withum provides global incident response anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Data Breaches, Ransomware, Malware and other critical events require immediate action to minimize exposure and maintain business continuity.  Our Incident Response Teams are available 24/7, and are ready to aid and assist in your recovery efforts.

Digital & Mobile Forensics

Our Data Recovery Experts have solutions to recover your critical data from any digital device, including Computers, Mobile Devices, Tablets, Hard Drives and more.

Constant Innovation

Withum can develop customized software and hardware solutions for your Organization.  We have an experienced Software Development Team and Manufacturing Facility to meet your digital needs.

How Can We Help?

We provide a variety of assessment services to help you figure out what Withum services are right for you. Do you need IT Support? Do you suspect a data breach? Want to ensure you are in compliance? What risk assessment is best for your organization? Need expert assistance with an audit or legal matter which involves some type of electronic data and devices…Click below to learn more!

Cyberbullying Initiative

Do you know a child who has suffered emotional, psychological, or physical harm at the hands of others misusing technology?  We can help.


IT Services Provided Globally…


Why wait until there is a major impact to your environment? Unlock your organization’s potential, protect and maximize your IT Investment today…

Our global experience is extensive, with a successful track record of service delivery in 71+ countries on five continents. Services have been provided to small-to-medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, governments, heads of state, critical infrastructure protection, and to the United Nations. Headquartered in the United States and the United Kingdom with a worldwide network of security experts, we circle the globe to meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

We are a leading global provider of IT and IT Security products & managed services. Our professional experts have received unrivaled training, certifications and expertise in their respective fields with diversified portfolios of knowledge. This provides our clients with unparalleled expertise, when and where it matters most. For over a decade, we have provided a wide range of affordable services – from IT support, to building sustainable and scalable IT / IT Security frameworks that meet or exceed regulatory guidelines such as PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, to classified networks, ISO certifications, to confidential data and trade secret protection and controls, to anti-money laundering and fraud control frameworks and much more.

Not theoretical and unlike others, we have proven ourselves time and time again – identifying and mitigating highly sophisticated cyber-attacks, addressing ransomware attacks, malware, advanced persistent threats, data breach analysis, conducted thousands of assessments, cyber threat monitoring, and the remediation’s of countless environments. We specialize in aligning your systems, technologies and capabilities to organizational objectives at an affordable price. Regardless of your needs, we exceed client expectations.

Why Our Clients
Choose Withum

Our expertise is clearly demonstrated by our track record, experience, and what drives us.  We harness world-class knowledge for the world’s leading corporations,  governments, and organizations.

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