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About Withum

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Withum is a forward-thinking, technology-driven advisory and accounting firm, committed to helping our clients be more profitable, efficient and productive in the modern business landscape. The firm’s Information Technology (“IT”) and IT Security specialists provide a variety of global technology based services, including but not limited to IT Managed Services, IT Security, Risk Assessments, Application, Coding and Systems Development, Incident Response, Computer and Mobile Forensics, Electronic Discovery, High-Tech Investigations Support, Cyber Intelligence, Legal Support Services, Development, Manufacturing, and Distribution of New Technology Products and Services. Withum’s technology innovators have been providing IT / IT Security services for over 10 years in over 71+ countries and counting, and are recognized for providing appropriate due diligence and remediating businesses suffering from some of the largest and most highly publicized data breaches and operations to date, across all industries. Withum Fusion Centers™ and Security Operation Centers (“SOC”) provide comprehensive integration of IT & IT Security related services, anomaly detection, and intelligence gathering to detect, prevent, apprehend, and appropriately respond to cyber incidents w/infrastructure, staff, and capabilities strategically located in the United States, United Kingdom, Colombia, and Singapore. 

Matthew Ferrante
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Matthew Ferrante (“Mr. Ferrante”) is a former Top Electronic Crimes Special Agent. He provides security and security assurance for SMB to global enterprise class businesses and governments, including critical infrastructure. He is recognized as a top-tier industry expert for providing appropriate due diligence on some of the largest and most highly publicized data breaches to date, including but not limited to data breaches involving Target, Neiman Marcus, Sony PlayStation Networks, Operation Firewall, Operation ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’, and much more.  Mr. Ferrante was with Barclays Bank in London, where he founded Barclays CFI/e-Discovery and was its first director. He also directly assisted in successfully leading Barclays global security transformation in over 57 different countries. Before Barclays, Mr. Ferrante was a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. He has served on President Clinton’s protection detail, US Critical Infrastructure, and several successful high profile, high-tech investigation operations. Mr. Ferrante has an extensive background in physical and network infrastructure protection, with specialties in global enterprise class environments and SMB, cyber warfare, corporate espionage, protective intelligence, threat assessments, international organized crime, e-crime, forensics, breach investigations, incident response, extreme hacking, data loss prevention/detection, fraud, employee misconduct, remediation, and asset identification. He has successfully testified in US Federal Courts and local courts and is considered by multiple courts as an expert in his field. Mr. Ferrante was educated at the US Secret Service Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program, Skidmore College, Mercy College for Criminal Justice, and Westchester for Applied Sciences. Among several other recognitions, Matthew was given the Top Electronic Crimes Special Agent award by the United States Secret Service, recognized by the Department of Justice for his invaluable expertise, and the credit/debit card industry.

“Our IT / IT Security experts, processes, technology and reputation have been there across the board and around the globe from small-to-medium sized business (“SMBs”) to international enterprise class environments and we’ve successfully done it. At Withum, we pride ourselves on value, significant return on investment, and proven results. Our long history of genuine expertise and success is demonstrated by unparalleled results from servicing the highest levels of government, the private sector, and executives around the world.”Matthew Ferrante, withum.com

“Modern well-informed businesses also realize that they can no longer rely on ad hoc, inadequate, and unproven security controls or security as simply an afterthought or to be left unmaintained and neglected. Security must be interwoven into the business not only to reduce risk; but as a competitive edge and business ‘force multiplier’.”Matthew Ferrante, withum.com


Matthew Ferrante’s Summary Lifetime Achievements & Recognition

One of the Highest Decorated USSS Special Agents

Sony Data Breach – IT and Data Security Expert

Target Breach – IT and Data Security Expert

Neiman Marcus Breach – IT and Data Security Expert

ABC Good Morning America – IT and Data Security Expert

CNN – Data Security and Forensics Expert

MasterCard Appreciation Award

Barclays global security transformation, savings well in excess of $500M, major external/internal risk reduction, & demonstrated ROI since 2008. Featured w/Barclay’s Senior Leadership Team in CIO Digest

First successful take down of global cyber organized crime threatening governments & private sector. 60+ international arrests involved in major data breaches.

Withum Advisory Council

Behind all of Withum’s solutions is a dynamic advisory body from key security sectors and global subject matter expert.

In-depth Process

Withum meticulously implements processes utilizing scientific principles that guide our Technology, Computer Forensics and Data Recovery.

Advanced Technology

Withum utilizes cutting edge technology with proprietary processes that yield optimal results.

Expertise and Training

Our professionals come from diverse backgrounds and possess training that is second to none, ranging from the best Forensics Practitioners to Government Agencies.

Cyberbullying Initiative

Today’s world is vastly connected with technology and vast amounts of information is available with the click of a mouse or mobile device. Although beneficial, electronic information that is confidential, privileged and proprietary can be used by children to harass and harm your child. This can lead to emotional, psychological and physical harm to your child with suicide in extreme cases.  As a result, our principals now seek and develop new and better ways to protect our children from the external harm.

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