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"Our IT Solutions and flexible portfolio of services enables an organization to achieve maximum potential and growth, while our
Professionals manage, monitor and maintain your IT Infrastructure with the added benefit of expert security integration.” – Diana Quintero, Withum


You’re intent on building an IT infrastructure that’s accountable, cost-effective, and tailored to your organization’s needs.



Withum offers IT strategies, frameworks, capabilities, and IT managed services that’s aligned to the business needs.


Our Clients receive a strategy, framework, capabilities, &/or IT Managed Services that are fully aligned to the organization’s needs and business objectives.


IT Managed Services and capabilities can be purchased independently or as an integrated packaged offering.

Withum IT Services

IT Infrastructure (SMB – Enterprise)

Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum IT Security Frameworks™, Withum Phoenix™

Today’s businesses and their bottom line are only as good as their IT infrastructures and the technologies they rely on. Regardless of the size of your organization, if your IT capabilities are poorly designed and integrated – your organization will suffer. Unlock your organization’s potential today by contacting Withum to assess your IT infrastructure and requirements.

IT Managed Services

Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Withum offers Small-to-Medium Business (“SMBs”) to Enterprise class environments IT Managed Services with a variety of flexible options. Regardless of the size and complexity of your organization’s IT environment, you can rest assured that it is being professionally managed by IT professionals who truly care about your environment and are ready to assist 24/7/365 days a year…


Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum e3 Pulse™, Withum e3 Red Team™

Ever wonder what is actually on your networks? You Shouldn’t. Perhaps you don’t mind what is actually on them? You should. Want to know what happens when you have sensitive data and no idea what is on those networks? Don’t wait to find out…

Withum Emergency Care |

Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum Instant IT Support Services™

Experiencing an IT emergency, computer or mobile support issue that requires an immediate response? No worries… Contact Withum Support now; get reliable & competent help in less than a minute, 24/7/365 days a year.

We’re U.S. and U.K. based; Highly Trusted & Highly Awarded

IT Help Desk Services

Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Affordable IT Help Desk Services available 24/7/365 via flexible IT support models for your business including design, deployment, and implementation at affordable prices.

Did you know employees spend ~30 mins. or more per week fixing PC related problems or helping co-workers? Did you know that insourced IT staff are often overwhelmed, limited in resources, and often lack any real security expertise placing your organization and assets at great risk?

IT Systems Design and Deployments

Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Withum offers customizable and scalable IT Systems design, deployment, and management. We can also assist in upgrading, simplifying, and remediating your existing infrastructure and technologies to suit current and future needs. Regardless of your organization’s current architecture, technologies, and requirements, e.g. Amazon AWS / EC2, Microsoft Azure, E-Commerce, servers, mobile, email systems, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, ISO, etc. – we deliver. Contact Withum for a professional tailored experience.

Enterprise Mobility

Withum IT Security Managed Services™

A greater number of businesses and organizations rely on a highly mobile workforce. Business resources and assets are being used at homes, remote offices, and in unprotected open environments. Employees are using computers, mobile devices, cloud services, applications, and BYODs (Bring Your Own Devices) with greater mobility and flexibility than ever. Yet, greater flexibility and mobility doesn’t mean greater productivity or the need for a business to compromise its security…


Withum Coding and Applications Development
Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Withum provides web design, application, and website hosting services. Whether you’re interested in developing a website from inception or if you wish to update an existing one, Withum delivers end-to-end web development and application services with the added benefit of expert security integration. Contact us now to find out how…

Application Development

Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum Coding and Applications Development

Our software developers design and build exceptional software solutions for your business across a variety of platforms and systems including for PCs, MACs, Mobile Devices, Cloud, Websites, E-Commerce and much more. If your organization needs customized software, coding, and development – we have various options available.

Believe it or not; many developers and coding companies of all sizes simply fail to deliver. Several are just incapable of ‘getting it done’. Instead, they rely on delays, excuses, technical or otherwise, and focus on why something cannot be done…



Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Did you know that the first email sent/received was in 1971, from Ray Tomlinson in Cambridge, Massachusetts? The email was simply a message to himself from one computer to another computer with each computer sitting just adjacent to one another. Now, every day many millions of emails are sent and received from co-worker to co-worker, employees to managers, companies to customers, and for business to business communications. Every modern business depends on it for general business activities, monitoring, records keeping, critical business transactions, and much more

Did you know that several well-known email hosting providers still data mine your so-called ‘private’ emails and content for third party resale? Many businesses and users believe that their email communications and data are ‘private’; but in reality, they lack any substantive hosting provider and government protections and data privacy assurances. Instead of government being part of the solution; they have become part of the problem. Email is highly susceptible to confidential data loss, unauthorized interceptions and abuse by competitors, internal/external threats, and by governments. In fact, many…

Microsoft Office 365 | Microsoft SharePoint | Microsoft OneDrive

Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Withum can help deploy and manage of your Microsoft Applications and Solutions.  Our Microsoft Technicians can provide you with solutions for your business and assist with the deployment Organization wide.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum Coding and Applications Development

Companies must adapt to the changing work environments and user demands. Withum can transform your business by assisting in assuring the best strategy, as well as finding, integrating, and appropriately sharing information across the environment. With Withum improving your business digital collaboration, ideas, communications, and information can appropriately; but securely disseminate throughout the environment.


Withum Managed Business Protection™

Withum can transform virtually any physical object into an IoT device. We can assist with everything IoT related, e.g. from the development of these technologies, appropriate security integrations, manufacturing, deployments, and for entire system and device life cycle. Contact us Now to Find Out How…


Withum Asset Management and Executive Level Reporting™
Withum Intellectual Property Assurance™
Withum IT Security Managed Services™ Withum IT Asset Management

Withum provides business solutions to manage your assets and systems throughout your organization and regardless of where they reside. We can monitor and track all assets, whether tangible (e.g. computer equipment, mobile devices, etc.) or intangible (e.g. intellectual property, confidential information, trade secrets, software, and much more) in real-time.


Withum Business Continuity Assurance™,
Withum I.R.I.S.™ (Incident Response Investigatory Support),
Withum CFI/e-Discovery®

Withum provides complete disaster recovery strategies, planning, and technologies. Whether your business is impacted by a natural disasters or a sophisticated cyber-attack, these incidents often occur when the organization least expects it and can be catastrophic to a business. Find out now if your business is really ready to sustain real-world business impacts…


Withum Business Continuity Assurance™
Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Can your business sustain a critical impact, such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack? It’s not a question of “if” your business will suffer an impact, it is a question of “when” your business suffers an impact. Find out if your business is really ready to sustain real-world business impacts…


Withum IT Managed Services™
Withum IT Security Frameworks™

Whether your needs are Amazon AWS, Withum offers a variety of cloud services, such as Software As A Services (Saas), platform as a service (Paas), and infrastructure as a service (IAAS). Whether your needs are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, hosting websites, software on demand, applications development, analysis of data, or another cloud capability computing requirement, we provide on demand delivery of computing power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing and support services.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

IT procurement involves both strategic and administrative responsibilities. Withum can assist your organization with a professional IT procurement strategy to acquire and maintain IT products and services. We not only simplify the process of obtaining IT products and services by taking the responsibility of it; but we also provide the highest quality hardware w/plenty of options to fit your budget and expectations.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

In information security, access controls is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource. Employees and vendors, for example, come and go through attrition, termination, resignation, layoffs and project completion. Several organizations suffer significant impacts because of a failure to properly enforce internal policies and procedures through access controls, as well as failing to implement, address, and maintain access controls on an ongoing basis…


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Withum offers system and data migration services for the transfer of data between computers, systems, storage types, and/or file formats. We assist an organization with key considerations for any system upgrade, consolidation, or system implementation. We also provide system migrations which involves moving programs and/or instructions from one platform to another.


Withum IT Managed Services™
Withum Data Loss Prevention™

Data mapping is a relationship between two data systems. Data mapping identifies how a computer application or database connects to another computer or database. Data mapping is utilized for many things; but falls into two categories, i.e. data migration and data integration.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Threats and intrusions are continuously occurring worldwide, especially if your business is at the forefront.  Withum maintains a Security Operations Center (SOC), which monitors your systems real-time and can diagnose any issues to keep your networks secure and operational.  Withum helps fight attacks as they are happening as opposed to when the damage is already done.

Social Media Development | Brand Building

Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum Social Media & Brand Building™
Withum I.R.I.S™

Withum’s Social Media and Brand Building development works to increase inbound traffic, improve search engine rankings and results, provides brand building and customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction and works to humanize your brand.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

Do you want to attract new customers from web traffic? SEO goes to the core of your business and needs to be handled by experts.

Withum’s SEO experts play a vital role in assisting companies build their business and attract new customers through web traffic. Withum provides your organization w/the SEO DNA for effective search engine optimization results. SEO is not a cost; but an important investment.  It builds trust and credibility.

Withum offers this as a standalone service or as a package with other services, such as web development and IT Managed Services for ongoing SEO to continually optimize your business for the best results.


Withum IT Security Managed Services™

IP telephony / Voice Over Internet Protocol / Voice Over IP
We offer a variety of competitively priced services for your VOIP needs, including choosing the right VOIP system, to optimizing your networks to support it, as well as managing the system once it is in place. Many VOIP providers try to sell you a ‘solution’ first. We consult first, then provide the correctly fitted solution for your organization.