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Cyber Forensics

When it comes to Digital Investigations, AuroraSecurity  has over a decade of experience. We ensure strict confidentiality throughout investigative and reporting processes, and bring an objective and impartial perspective to every situation.

Regardless of the situation, e.g. litigation, regulatory, security, etc., we can work with your Legal Support Team and provide them with State-of-the-Art cyber forensics; guiding them from the identification of pertinent data, to its collection, processing, preservation, analysis, review and reporting, to provide you with an accurate, confidential, and expedited information to assist in decision-making and take action as indicated.


Withum CFI/e-Discovery® enables your organization to address virtually any e-Discovery, cyber forensics investigation, or security incident both proactively and reactively


Whether recovering material for personal, legal or criminal matters, AuroraSecurity Computer Forensic Experts and Specialists use the latest technologies and methods to recover data that’s important to you. See below to learn more about Withum CFI/e-Discovery® services:

Withum CFI/e-Discovery® At its core, Withum CFI/e-Discovery® provides applied science and technology for use in criminal, civil, regulatory, employee misconduct, and fact-finding investigations. These services are strictly confidential and frequently legally privileged.

Withum CFI/e-Discovery® is an internal, external or a hybrid capability, which maintains the proven global reputation for substantial cost savings, return on investment (ROI) and wide-ranging benefits across the organization – well beyond traditional ‘forensics’, e-discovery and data recovery services. In fact, we’ve proven it with over $173+ million in client savings to date (conservatively) while substantially enhancing their overall organizational capabilities.

Withum experts are pleased to work cooperatively with clients’ internal legal staff, outside legal counsel, and other members of your team. We can (and do) provide testimony in the highest courts and seamlessly across international borders. AuroraSecurity proactively addresses multi-dimensional concerns based on actual experience; not through trial and errors or hypothetical’s.

Withum CFI/e-Discovery® significantly enhances internal security, incident response, investigative, regulatory, legal support requirements as well as any existing forensics and e-discovery capability.


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