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High-Tech Investigations | Legal Support

When your organization suffers an information security incident, you have a crisis on your hands. Incidents often involve a degree of uncertainty, and you may not know its origin – internal or external. “Due diligence” on your part requires that you get to the bottom of the incident and make the necessary and correct decisions. Let Withum be part of the right decision!

Withum has vast experience dealing with High-Tech Investigations and Legal Support


Withum’s experts have consulted on some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated e-Discovery cases, breaches, data leakage, asset identification, intellectual property theft, fraud, hacking, whistle blowing, network wiretaps, including DOJ, FSA, SEC and other matters. We’ve also provided support in less complex situations, such as data collection and preservation in internal or external misconduct investigations. We’ve been there – across the board – and we’ve done it.

Withum’s global experts are experienced in working across borders and continents to support the efforts of legal counsel, senior client leadership or operational teams. See below for more information:

Withum CFI/e-Discovery® offers an integrated suite of powerful solutions that enable your organization to address virtually any e-Discovery, cyber forensics investigation, or security incident both proactively and reactively. As a result, you’re able to make well-informed decisions when incidents occur, and better able to minimize their cost and impact.

Withum CFI/e-Discovery ® offers e-Discovery, cyber forensics investigations, and an integrated suite of capabilities. We take a comprehensive, 3-dimensional approach, making sure that all relevant cross-channel input and multi-disciplinary considerations are accounted for. But more than that, we develop an investigation support work plan with clients to ensure confidentiality and support business continuity, minimizing potential disruptions. Withum CFI/e-Discovery® can be provided either on an external or insourced basis. It’s designed to significantly reduce your organization’s e-Discovery spending, accelerate your incident response capability, and enhance your internal audits and information security posture.

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