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Vendor | Supplier Misconduct

IT Misconduct can happen at any time.  Whether you are going through employee transitions, resignations, layoffs, terminations or you just simply want to assess and evaluate your environment, Withum can help your Business identify and correct any wrongdoing, mismanagement or neglect.   Keep your confidential data safe.  Let us help your business protect against Internal Threats; see below for services:

Withum Managed Business Protection™ (MBP) is an affordable, yet highly effective security solution scalable for small‐to‐medium sized organizations to global enterprise‐class businesses. It is the only service which offers globally proven confidential data protection, internal and external threat protection, expert data forensics, industry leading anti‐malware, anomaly, advanced persistent threat, and intrusion detection technologies.

Withum DLP™ (Data Loss Prevention) is a comprehensive, content-aware solution that discovers, monitors, and protects confidential data wherever it is stored or used – across networks, storage devices and endpoint solutions. We provide effective tailored technology appropriate for your environment – ensuring expertise, rapid deployment, cost savings and measurable results. Withum can also implement centralized and decentralized automated systems to back-up your critical data and recover it if you have an incident that compromises your network or computer systems.  In the event of a significant incident, Withum maintains experienced certified experts to appropriately handle incidents on a 24/7 365 basis; See Withum I.R.I.S.™ and Withum CFI/e-Discovery™ for more information.  

Withum e3™ Red Team

How effective is your organization’s security and response? Does senior executive leadership really understand the organizational risks and the potential business impacts if such risks are exercised? Are some security controls simply ineffective, unnecessary and just wasteful spend?

Withum e3™ Red Team mimics both external and internal threats to your organization. It is a capability that safely; but effectively tests your organization’s overall security posture, policies, procedures and response in the context of their operational environment and from an adversary or hostile competitor’s perspective. Withum e3™ Red Team delivers realistic exercises designed to diagnose the health, safety and effectiveness of your overall security program.

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