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Withum Business Continuity Assurance™
Withum I.R.I.S™ (Incident Response Investigatory Support)
Withum CFI/e-Discovery™

Business Continuity |Disaster Recovery

Withum Business Continuity Assurance™ provides disaster recovery and business continuity plans to technologies to fit your business needs and objectives. Withum Incident Response Investigatory Support™ (Withum I.R.I.S™) teams are optionally available 24/7/265 days a year to support your organization during a critical incident. We also provide state-of-the art expert data recovery facilities, forensic technologies, legal support and remediation plans available as an option. Get Withum Business Continuity Assurance™ and start protecting your business today…

Regardless of the size of your business, any interruptions can cost your business thousands to millions of dollars and loss of clients. Natural disasters, power outages, malware, computer viruses, ransomware, data breaches, etc. can cripples your business.

Most organizations feel they are confident they can properly recover their data.

The facts and stats tells a different story…

  • Appx. 57% of IT Managers have a backup solution in place, yet a staggering 75% of them were not able to restore all of their lost data.
  • Less than half of ransomware victims fully recover their data, even with backups…

Organizations often make the mistake of thinking backup alone can make them impervious to ransomware.

September 28, 2016: Marin Healthcare District suffered a ransomware attack that occurred approximately 2 months prior. During the attack, Marin providers were unable to access patient data for more than a week. Marin lost two weeks worth of data because their backup system failed. The data of 5,000 patients collected at MHD’s nine medical centers was lost.

January 5, 2017: The Cockrell Hill Police Department, Texas, USA stated they lost 8 years’ worth of data. This included evidence relating to ongoing investigations due to a ransomware attack that infected their server. They were unable to recover the data from backups because their backup procedure kicked in shortly after the infection, replacing the previously backed-up files with copies that were now encrypted. 

Can your business sustain a critical impact, such as a natural disaster or a cyber-attack? It’s not a question of “if” your business will suffer an impact, it is a question of “when”. Find out now if your business is really ready to sustain read-world business impacts by contacting us today to get your free business evaluation…


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