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"Every organization has a source of power which they depend on. Search below the surface for that source, the center of gravity that holds the entire structure together.
Hitting them there will inflict disproportionate pain. Most organizations do not even know or understand their enemy, let alone their center of gravity, associated risks, or the full
weight of impacts. The formidable enemy strikes at the organization’s center of gravity and often when the organization least expects it."
- Matthew Ferrante, Partner / Practice Leader, Cyber and Information Security Services

Secure Systems

We specialize in security strategies, frameworks, and controls across all sectors and business classes. Having developed several new security technologies ourselves, we are confident in our ability to assist your organization with any security matters.

Expert Team

Nothing beats experience and results. Our security practice and delivery has been founded by the former Top Electronic Crime Special Agent for the United States Secret Service, former Presidential Protection Detail Special Agent for President Clinton, Joint Terrorism Task Force (“JTTF”) expert data advisor, expertise sought and delivered on Barclays Global Security transformation, including but not limited to high profile data breaches such as Sony Network Intrusions, Target Data Breach, Neiman Marcus, Banner Health Networks, and literally working thousands of security and network intrusions around the world, including in high risk enviornments.…Awarded by MasterCard for achievements and the US Department of Justice for Invaluable Expertise, and so much more…we think you get the point – we got the expertise, we deliver results.


Regardless of the size of your organization, geographical or regulatory requirements, the simplicity or the sophistication of a Client’s scope of work, we provide measurable results that often exceeds Client expectations. Withum…allowing organizations to focus on their business, not their security.


Our security portfolio offers a wide-range of service offerings to fit your organizations needs. Speak with an Withum specialist today and let us design a security strategy tailored to your needs.

Withum Controls


Withum Phoenix™
Withum IT Security Frameworks™

Protecting your organization from internal and external threats.

Ever hear a great symphony orchestra where each musician and instrument plays randomly from different sheets of music?
Neither have we…


Withum Protection Assurance™
Withum Data Loss Prevention™

Predict. Prevent. Detect. Respond.
Withum can help ensure that security controls have a proficient strategy and implementation plan, are operating as expected, and are cost effective…

Online Vulnerability Scanner

Withum e3™ vScan™

Are your systems vulnerable? Fixing security issues requires that you discover them. Simulate real world security events, testing vulnerabilities and incident response. Withum e3™ vScan™ is trusted to scan for vulnerabilities from the attackers perspective. No maintenance or installation required. …


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Withum e3™ Pulse™
Withum e3™ Red Team™

Withum Quick Read™ e3 Pulse™ Targeted Risk Assessment
The cyber landscape is littered with organizations that that have suffered through internally or externally caused attacks on their infrastructure, revenue systems, intellectual property, trade secrets, and client data. You may think your organization’s information and infrastructure is secure; but what if it’s not? The fact is, you may be more vulnerable to a malicious attack than you believe. You wish to ensure the proficiency of key security controls and capabilities responsible for protecting your business’s critical assets and operations…


Withum e3™ Red Team™
Withum Archangel™

How do you know your business assets are protected? Penetration tests, vulnerability scans, or electronic and/or physical security audits can help; but these exercises can only go so far…



Withum’s solutions and services were developed by industry experts and are delivered by industry experts. We believe the greatest value we bring is to ‘do it once and do it right’…


Withum Protection Assurance™

Withum’s advanced security services can be independently applied or, for maximum protection, integrated to deliver an enterprise-wide solution to adaptively mitigate risk from constantly evolving threats.


Withum Data Loss Prevention™
Withum I.R.I.S™ (Incident Response Investigatory Support)

Organizations and those they are entrusted to serve may believe that they are secure. In reality, those same organizations often fail at basic security essentials. Forget techie talk, ditch the pocket protector, and let’s stick to layman’s terms. Does your organization really know where their confidential data resides? Do they really know how their confidential information is being used and maintained? Would your organization know whether confidential data is leaking from the environment like Niagara Falls? Is your organization really in compliance or simply just ripe for a major impact? Even more important…



Suspect you might have suffered a data breach? Perhaps you just want to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your systems and data? There are a lot of misconceptions about data breaches and cyber security. Unfortunately, a lack of industry expertise and inexperience has led to poor decision making and substandard implementation and maintenance of systems and networks. Modern society and businesses are highly dependent on systems and data; cyber risks and their impacts are greater than ever…


Withum Managed Business Protection™

Uniquely designed to help you protect critical business capabilities, assets and regulatory requirements with a high degree of success and cost-efficiency…

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Withum IT/IT Security Managed Services

Withum can help manage employee transitions for your business. Employees come and go through attrition, termination, resignation and layoffs. Withum can help keep your Business safe from internal and external threats through Personnel transitions.

IT Security Controls

Withum IT Security Managed Services™
Withum CSS™ (Withum Classic Security Services™)

Physical and Electronic Security Controls are critical to protect your Business. Not only do your systems have to be in a physically secure location to prevent theft, but your data needs to be protected with Firewalls, Routers, Web Filters, Password Management, etc. Withum can help your business implement the security control and policies to secure your data.

Digital Forensics

Withum CFI/e-Discovery®

Digital and mobile forensic data recovery can help your business recover invaluable data that has been lost. Withum can recover data from digital devices such as computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Product and Services Development and Integration

Withum Coding, Applications, & Systems Development
Withum IT Security Frameworks™

Every business is unique in itself. Customizable and scalable options can significantly increase your Organization’s productivity. Withum can develop products and services specific to meet your business needs.


Withum Cyber Intel™
Withum Managed Business Protection™

The Dark Web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets; overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. Withum provides Online Intelligence on the World Wide Web and the Dark Web. Contact Us learn more about our Online Intelligence Services.


Withum Archangel™
Withum Managed Business Protection™

Physical security is equally as important as electronic security. Our Security Experts have worked for US Federal Agencies and can provide a comprehensive physical security risk assessment and strategy for your Organization.


Withum Frameworks™
Withum Phoenix™, Withum CSS™

State and Federal regulate data privacy and regulations to keep your most critical information out of the wrong hands. Withum can help Organizations from every industry maintain compliancy with the regulations that govern them.


Withum Protection Assurance™
Withum Data Loss Prevention™, Withum e3™ Pulse™

IT Architecture is the backbone of any Organization and a critical part of maintaining data security and business continuity. Withum can analyze, develop, upgrade, deploy and manage your IT Infrastructure.

Withum PDF Surgeon

Withum PDF Surgeon™

Withum PDF Surgeon is an application which forensically identifies, collects, preserves, processes, recovers, extracts, parses, and/or reports on modified, deleted, and recoverable PDF materials and artifacts including but not limited to revision histories.