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Withum Protection Assurance™

Advanced Security Services

Withum’s advanced security services provides both macro and micro level protection for your business. Regardless of whether your organization infrastructure is centralized or decentralized, localized or in the cloud or all of the above – w/Withum’s Advanced Security Services your organization is better protected from cyber threats utilizing unique integrations of battle tested technologies and frameworks.

Withum Phoenix™
You wish to ensure the information security strategy and implementation is accountable, cost-effective, and tailored to your organization’s needs.

Withum e3™ Pulse
You wish to ensure the proficiency of key security controls and capabilities responsible for protecting your business’s critical assets and operations.

Withum e3™ Red Team
You wish to ensure critical business assets and operations are resistant to compromise from realistic and probable threats.

Withum I.R.I.S.™
You discover that you’ve had an incident; you need to find out what happened quickly and objectively while identifying and preserving evidence as appropriate.

Withum CFI/e-Discovery®
You need an unbiased, well respected, and proven e-Discovery, cyber forensics and advanced data recovery program to support stakeholders, e.g. legal, regulatory, security, incident response, and data recovery demands.

Withum Data Loss Prevention™
Comprehensive identification and validation of where confidential information resides, how it is being used,
maintained and secured, and whether your organization is in compliance with internal and external guidelines.

Withum Intellectual Property Assurance™
Quick assessment of your organization’s data to assist in answering three key questions; where is my company’s confidential data, how is it really being used, and are we appropriately preventing confidential data loss?

Withum Archangel™
Risk management and security review, done to the US Department of Homeland Security critical infrastructure
protection specifications by those who created and wrote the US National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP).

Withum Physical Security Assurance™
A targeted risk assessment or single incident investigation support related to infrastructure and non-data related security concerns.

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