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Classic Security Services

Withum provides next generation, world class expertise and services including traditional security products and services.

Security Assessments

Penetration Testing
You wish to ensure critical applications, IT infrastructure and devices are resistant to compromise.

Vulnerability Assessments
You wish to ensure applications, IT infrastructure and devices meet minimum security baselines.

Social Engineering and Physical Security Assessment
You wish to protect business assets from unauthorized physical access and manipulation.

Network Architecture Security Assessment
You wish to ensure unprivileged network threats will not compromise the network or network assets.

Information Security Management System Assessment
You wish to ensure a proficient organization protection strategy and implementation plan is in place, is operating as expected, and is cost effective.

Site Health Check
You wish to determine the risk state of a business, business unit, partner, merger or acquisition target.

Cyber Investigations and Legal Support

Strategic Cyber Forensics & Investigations
You need to manage an incident proficiently, minimize immediate business impact, and identify various courses of action while ensuring objective and proper evidence identification, collection and preservation.

Forensic Data Collection
You need forensically sound data snapshots of computers, mobile devices, and/or complex network systems without business disruption.

Advanced Data Recovery
You need to retrieve important data lost from typical to sophisticated data storage devices or systems.

Certified Destruction
You need targeted or complete data or physical destruction assurance by experienced experts to help ensure information is irrecoverable on specific systems, devices, or throughout the enterprise.

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