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Withum Managed Business Protection™

Withum Protection Assurance

Withum Protection Assurance™ is based on a set of advanced security services specially developed by Withum’s experts to assure effective protection of ‘what matters most’ to your business. Taking a structured and holistic approach to your organization.

Withum Protection Assurance™ is the only effective means to ensure that your business and critical assets are protected from constantly evolving threats. The proven ‘Check-Up, Diagnosis and Treatment’ cycle discovers business risk, diagnoses root causes, applies a pragmatic treatment strategy and tactical action plan to mitigate risk quickly while eliminating risk recurrence.

Withum Protection Assurance™

∙ E-Commerce
∙ Cloud Computing
∙ Remote Offices, Partners, Mergers and Acquisitions
∙ Critical Business Assets and Operations
∙ Small and Medium Business ‘Total Security’

Critical Infrastructure
∙ Financial Services
∙ Healthcare Services

∙ Compliance
∙ SOX and GLB
∙ HIPAA and Meaningful Use
∙ Data Privacy and Identity Theft


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