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Withum Protection Assurance™
Withum Data Loss Prevention™

Security Control Assurance

Withum solutions and services were developed by industry experts and are delivered by industry experts. We believe the greatest value we can provide is to ‘do it once and do it right’. Withum can help you integrate your security controls into an effective protection framework to reduce risk and increase return-on-investment.


  • Threat Intelligence
  • Business Impact Intelligence
  • Vulnerability Intelligence
  • Risk Intelligence


  • Application Software Security
  • Boundary Defense
  • Continuous Vulnerability Assessment
  • and Remediation
  • Controlled Access Based on Need to Know
  • Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges
  • Cryptography
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Inventory of Authorized and
  • Unauthorized Devices
  • Inventory of Authorized and
  • Unauthorized Software
  • Limitation and Control of Network Ports,
  • Protocols, and Services
  • Malware Defenses
  • Penetration Tests and Red Team Exercises
  • Personnel Security and Secure Culture
  • Physical Security
  • Policy, Standard, Guideline, Practices
  • Secure Configurations for Hardware
  • and Software on Laptops Workstations and Servers
  • Secure Configurations for Network
  • Devices such as Firewalls, Routers and Switches
  • Secure Network Engineering
  • Security Skills Assessment and Appropriate Training to Fill Gaps
  • Wireless Device Control


  • Account Monitoring and Control
  • E-Discovery
  • Collection, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Analysis of Security Audit Logs
  • Network Monitoring
  • System Monitoring


  • Cyber Forensics and Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Data Recovery
  • Incident Response

Learn how Withum can Assess, Identify, Develop a Strategy and Secure your IT Infrastructure