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Withum IT Security Managed Services™

VoIP | Telecommunications

Withum’s IT / IT Security services are available to support your organization 24/7/365 days a year. We ensure your data networks and VOIP systems are running at their best. By choosing Withum IT Managed Services to support your VOIP systems, you receive the added advantage of Withum’s information security expertise. Let us help you select the right VOIP technology and ensure your company’s infrastructure is ready to support it.


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Some common mistakes companies make when adopting VOIP Technology…

  1. Improperly Adopting Hosted vs. Self-Hosted VoIP
  2. Poor Bandwidth
  3. Lack of Business Continuity Planning
  4. Lack of Consideration for Information Security
  5. PCI, HIPPA, and/or Data Privacy Violations
  6. Patch Management & Vulnerability Considerations
  7. Failing to Purchase Add-On Features
  8. Hidden Costs
  9. Network Saturation
  10. No QoS
  11. Network Bottlenecks
  12. Failure to Consider Network Hardware
  13. Improper Routing
  14. Improper Cabling
  15. Traffic Segregation
  16. Lack of IT Support Availability
  17. Selecting the Right handsets
  18. Poor Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Optimization

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